Speed Is Key in Today's Job Market

By Mike McDonnell on September 23, 2014

For employers, today's job market boils down to one simple thing -- speed.

In the last 12 months, we've seen a marked shift in how quickly companies need to move in order to secure the hire they want. Demand is high. Supply is low. We've seen top talent, for both temp and perm, considering up to five opportunities at once when pursuing a new role.

Currently, it is a "candidate's market." We've seen talent turn down solid offers because they can afford to be choosy. And with numerous factors contributing to why a candidate selects one company over another, don't let timing be the reason you lose the hire you want. Timing is a variable you can control.

So, establish a hiring game plan. Once you identify a candidate you like, clear schedules, line up interviews with key stakeholders, gain alignment quickly, and if you reach consensus on a potential hire, move before someone else does.

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