Make a Comeback in Your Job Search

By Joyce Bethoney on February 14, 2017


With the amazing Super Bowl win by my beloved New England Patriots, I couldn’t help but think about big comebacks—and how the Pats’ history-making comeback could inspire even the football uninitiated.

I’ve been hearing from a lot of folks lately who are deeply discouraged by their job search. I see the frustration at all levels—senior, mid and junior. And this is where the Patriots come in. Their confidence, resiliency and ability to rally—all in the face of insurmountable odds—translated into jaw-dropping success. Their example of mental toughness yielding great results is a lesson easily applied to a job search.

Having confidence when things are going your way is easy. Having confidence when you’re down is not. Here are some things to remember to help you retain confidence (and momentum) during your search:

It’s temporary. Whether you’ve lost a job or are leaving of your own accord, a search is not forever. Give yourself moments to acknowledge the vulnerability and sadness you may feel, but then, let them GO.

Focus on the positive. When interviewing folks who are a bit down, I point out their positive skills and guide them toward their strengths. By focusing on positives and identifying fixes for weaknesses, you have a much better chance of staying upbeat and enthusiastic—two keys to finding a great job.

Have a plan. Develop a reasonable timeline/plan and execute it. You can’t look for a job ten hours a day.  Block two hours in the a.m. and two hours in the p.m. Set up time for interviews and network in your industry. Be proactive—get in front of everyone you know and ask for referrals.

Exercise. If you ever needed a release of dopamine, it’s now. And whether you’re still in a job or out of work, you need to get out and move.

Do something for someone else. While you may be dealing with your own struggle, take some time every week to do something kind for others. Volunteer at a dog shelter, visit an elderly person, shovel a neighbor’s driveway. By doing something, anything, for someone else, you’ll take the focus off yourself for a minute and reap the mental benefits that come with volunteerism and being a little selfless.

Keep the faith. Staying positive during a job search isn’t always easy. It can be incredibly hard work. TRUST that you will survive it. Believe that you have the mental toughness and fortitude to get through it. And if you’re down right now, it’s time to mount your comeback.  

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